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We set new standards in Optical Coatings

We set new standards in optical coatings through our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With our cutting-edge technologies, extensive expertise, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we continuously strive to exceed expectations and establish new benchmarks in the field. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that we consistently deliver superior coating solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers and the industry as a whole.

We employ state-of-the-art vacuum evaporation and sputtering technology at Bte Bedampfungstechnik GmbH and Born Coating GmbH, both specialising in optical coatings and located in Elsoff/Westerwald (Rhineland-Palatinate). Born Coating GmbH, a subsidiary, focuses specifically on automotive applications (IATF 16949:2016) within this domain.

As manufacturers and developers, we bring sophisticated coating solutions to life for technical components. Since 1992, we have been recognised as one of the most innovative companies in vacuum coating, earning the trust of customers across various industries. Our lean organization, flat hierarchies, efficient resource utilisation, and service-oriented business processes render us highly flexible.

Currently equipped with 28 vacuum coating systems, along with patented and certified processes, we are adept at meeting the demands of new large-scale productions with rapidly increasing requirements. Our success is attributed to our dedicated staff, whose extensive experience contributes to the development of new thin-film processes and manufacturing methods.

In-depth consultation, coating design, and the development of novel coating solutions constitute our core competencies. With our expertise, we are the preferred partner for a wide array of optical coatings.

We employ state-of-the-art vacuum vapour deposition systems and sputter coating technology!

Coatings using PVD (electron beam) and sputtering systems:

  • Electron Beam Evaporation (EBE)
  • Ion assisted deposition (IAD) 
  • Advanced Plasma Source (APS) 
  • Sputter process/sputtering system
  • High-vacuum coating systems with planetary system 
  • Coatings in the spectral range from 200 nm to 2500 nm

Various post-treatment processes complete our range of services:

  • Laser cutting of glass and layer ablation
  • Cutting by means of scribe & break
  • Glass processing
  • Lamination of optically active films on glass (polariser, phase retarder)
Bte Born - DOM 1900

Quality Management

Quality is paramount in coating processes. High-quality coatings are essential for ensuring the long-term functionality and reliability of coated components. They not only enhance the performance of the products but also contribute to the overall efficiency of production processes downstream.

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We guarantee you the highest quality and environmental standards through:

  • Continuous improvement processes (CIP)
  • FMEA system (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) for evaluating, analysing, and minimising or eliminating errors as early as the process planning phase
  • Process and planning reliability with the help of state-of-the-art methods for product and process monitoring
  • Safety through compliance
  • Quality management (QM)
  • Speed and flexibility thanks to value stream optimised processes
  • Conservation of resources and the environment thanks to appropriate production technologies (recycling, utilisation of process/waste heat, use of our own photovoltaic systems)
  • Sustainable energy management to optimise the use of all resources


Depending on requirements and customer wishes, we offer a range of measurements and testing options:

Testing and inspection options


Unsere Historie


Company founder Reinhard Born  hands over the management of Bte Bedampfungstechnik GmbH and Born Coating GmbH to long-standing employees Damian Janczyk and Ansgar Link.

[Translate to English:] Neue Geschäftsleitung übernimmt


Introduction of broadband monitoring for optimised process control


Setup of a fully automated lamination process for foils with automatic labeling station 

[Translate to English:] Vollautomatisierter Laminierprozesses für Folien


Initial setup of a laser cutting system for foils (plastics); certification according to IATF 16949 

[Translate to English:] Laser-Schneidanlage für Folien


Initial setup of a magnetron sputtering system as well as setup of two laser cutting systems for glass.

[Translate to English:] Magnetron-Sputteranlage


Delivery of one million series components for the automotive industry 

[Translate to English:] Alte Scheinwerfer


Expansion of clean room production 


Initial setup of a highly automated inline coating machine

[Translate to English:] Hochautomatisierten Durchlauf-Beschichtungsanlage


Partial implementation of cleanroom manufacturing 


ISO 14001 certification;
expansion of production area by around 3000 m² 


Foundation of "Born Coating GmbH"; series supply of automotive components 

[Translate to English:] Logo Born Coating GmbH


Expansion of the production area by further 2600 m²

Bte Born Aerial view of the company complex


Expansion of the production area to 1700 m²; certification according to ISO 9001


Own separate production building (1850 m²)


Foundation of “Bte Bedampfungstechnik GmbH”