Functional Optical Coatings

Dielectric and Metallic Coatings for Optical Components

Our core competence is the coating of optical components for technical applications. We use innovative coating designs to modify the physical surface characteristics of glass, plastics, and metals. In this way, we influence the reflection, transmission, and emission behaviour to meet the requirements of your application. With thin dielectric and metallic layers, we realise high-precision adjustments of the optical surface characteristics. 

Our optical coatings serve to reflect, guide, and filter light, enhancing the properties of optical components to meet your exact specifications.

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We are renowned for our technical excellence and extensive experience

To us, "Quality made in Germany" embodies maximum precision, specialised technical skills, and on-time delivery with reliable product quality.

We foster close partnerships with our customers to create optimal product applications. You present us with a challenge, and we deliver the right solution. Leveraging cutting-edge vacuum technology and thin-film coating designs precisely tailored to your needs, we achieve outstanding results for your high-quality optical components. Our technical expertise and years of experience in coating technology make us the ideal partner for volume coating of optical components.

If there is not a suitable coating for your product yet, let us work together to find and create the right solution. We provide the support and guidance necessary to identify both the optimal coating design and coating process for your requirements. Because customised solutions are our standard: Learn more about how we craft tailored solutions for your specific needs! 

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Coating options

... tailored production services, for individual items as well as series coatings, including sampling, EMPB, PPAP, etc., serving as either a job coating/contract coating service or a system provider. means of feasibility studies, encompassing coating design, substrate selection, and more.

...comprehensive processing support, managing everything from cleaning and quality inspection to packaging, logistics, and beyond.

...a broad range of systems with various technologies, ensuring capacity for processing both small and large substrates.

…always here to offer advice and support whenever you need it!

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