Coatings for Technical Optics

Bte ist a considerable provider of contract coatings for manufacturers of technical optics. However, we can also deliver the components completely optically processed and coated. Particularly with large quantities and huge measurements, Bte possesses production opportunities which entail competitive benefits.

Among the service or rather product offers range mainly reflections (aluminium, copper, gold, dielectrical), anti-reflections in the desired spectral sphere (visible sphere, 1064 nm et al.), but also coatings for heat protection (semitransparent gold or dielectrical), beam splitters, spectral band-pass filters, highly effecitve blocking filters (e.g. for laser radiation) and not least electrical conductive transparent coating (ITO).

Mirrors can be produced to a length of up to 1500 mm; beam splitters, anti-reflections, dielectrical mirrors to a length of up to 1000 mm.

After prior consultation, with contract coatings the troughput of a batch is possible within only a few working days. Several 1000 lenses or panels of manageable sizes can be coated per week through wage labour at Bte's.